Early Beginnings

Patrick Bieleny is a reputable real estate investor in Calgary, Alberta, that specializes in house flipping. While Bieleny comes from humble beginnings, this did not stop him from following his dreams. Born in Eastern Europe in the eighties, Bieleny and his parents immigrated to Canada so that he could pursue a college degree from a prominent post-secondary institution. Once accepted into the University of Toronto’s business management program, Bieleny discovered his passion for real estate investment. During his time at college, he juggled two jobs to pay for his degree, including his own handyman business. He adopted his ‘jack-of-all-trades’ skillset from his father, who worked in construction and had him help with small DIY projects at home. 

While Bieleny sometimes felt overwhelmed by his busy schedule, he was determined to “make something of himself.” His determination and work ethic are among some of the other qualities he inherited from his father. With his sights on professional success, Bieleny went on to overcome various challenges, all of which have helped shape him into who he is today. 

Entering the World of Real Estate

After graduation, Bieleny went on to purchase his first real estate investment, a condo townhouse just outside of Calgary. With the help of his mentor and some friends, he was able to renovate the fixer-upper and turn a small profit. By focusing on single-family homes, Bieleny has become an expert at flipping this style of property and has hundreds of profitable flips under his belt. He is the founder of PB & Co. Houses, a real estate investment company that concentrates on finding, rehabbing, and selling choice properties. At the moment, he is dedicated to growing his business through off-market homes and expanding his network of professional contacts. Every year, he attends several industry events, including real estate and property management conferences, to connect with colleagues and stay ahead of his industry. 

Moreover, as a seasoned investor, he also helps mentor several novice investors looking to break into the real estate business. While Bieleny has a gift for making rehabs look easy, he confesses his success in the field has not come without patience and struggle. In his spare time, he is a self-proclaimed ‘family-man’ who is interested in spending time with loved ones and creating lasting memories.


Patrick Bieleny is an active member of his community and believes in helping others where possible. Given his extensive experience in the real estate landscape, Bieleny often acts as a mentor to individuals currently trying to enter the marketplace. As someone who has overcome adversity, he wishes to give back to his community and cultivate positive change where he can. 

With an aptitude for success and a forward thinking mindset, Patrick Bieleny is excited to see what the future holds for him both personally and professionally.