Patrick Bieleny

Founder of PB & Co. Houses | Calgary, Alberta


Meet Patrick

Patrick Bieleny is a reputable real estate investor in Calgary, Alberta, that specializes in house flipping. While Bieleny comes from humble beginnings, this did not stop him from following his dreams. Born in Eastern Europe in the eighties, Bieleny and his parents immigrated to Canada so that he could pursue a college degree from a prominent post-secondary institution.

In The Media

Patrick Bieleny discusses his career in real estate and his passion for mentorship.


A Discussion About Finding Potential Where Others Don’t

“While the mechanics of each house flip is the same (generate leads, crunch numbers, make an offer, fund the deal, rehab the property, and sell it), each prospective homebuyer and property is different...


How to Make Money in Real Estate

Flipping houses is a great way to profit off the Real Estate market. It is one of the more popular methods and well-known for dramatic transformations as shown on various reality television shows.


Patrick Bieleny Outlines the Various Types of Mortgages

Patrick Bieleny is the proud owner and operator of PB & Co. Houses in Calgary, Alberta. Bieleny was born in Eastern Europe in the eighties, before he immigrated to Toronto in the pursuit of education.